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Date Finished: 11/08/2016

Really CD Reiss? This was not supposed to end in a cliff hanger.

CD Reiss has become a favorite of mine in the last month or so. I was reluctant to read any of her books a few years ago but I have no idea what was wrong with me. I love her writing style, her characters, and her stories.


Adam and Diana have been married for 5 years. Diana wants a divorce because she doesn’t love Adam anymore and Adam is refusing. They’re personal and professional life is intertwined because they work together. Diana wants a clean break keeping her family’s company and Adam wants 30 days of seclusion with his wife. Diana recently found out that Adam was a dominate and she’s not sure how to take it. Adam didn’t want Diana to find out the way she did and is willing to show her who he really is. They both agree to 30 days away with a promise of divorce afterward. There are some unforeseen complication with their stay which cause more problems and revel more truths that either were expecting.

My Take

I think Adam and Diana both go into this thinking that things were going to remain the same once the 30 days were done. They thought they would get through it and go their separate ways with Diana getting what she wanted and Adam being resigned to losing his wife. I liked Adam and Diana together. They loved each other and even though Diana wanted a divorce, she still loved Adam she just felt like he wasn’t present in their marriage. Adam thought he was doing what was best for his himself and his wife. He didn’t think he could be the dominate man he was and keep her. This was a mistake on his part because that’s how he lost her not giving her the opportunity to know the real him.


I love the dual dialogs. I listened to another book that this is now featured and I like that the men do the men voices and the women do the women voices. I think Sebastian York has a nice voice but he doesnt have a lot of infliction. I haven’t listened to many of his narrations but he’s very monotone so while his voice is nice to listen to you can’t really tell he’s doing another voice unless he changes his volume.

What I liked

I like the progression of this story. I like that it peppered in the past but it helped to explain what was going on currently in the story. I liked that the characters were flawed. They thought they knew what they wanted in life and then it changed and it wasn’t just a revelation to the reader but also a revelation to the characters.

What I didn’t like

I didn’t know it was a cliff hanger. I was ready for them to get back together, having made their self revelations and it ended! I’m patiently waiting for the next installment.

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